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Klauzál square:

From Széchenyi square the visitor arrives at Klauzál square through Kárász street. At the beginning of the street the "Greeting" statues are located, referreing to the town's cheerful festival atmosphere from early spring to late autumn. At the Dugonics square end of Kárász street the statues of "Street Music" are situated. In the middle of the Mediterranian-inspired Klauzál square stands one of the first full-size, full-figure statues of Lajos Kossuth, statesman, Minister of Finance in the Batthyány Government. He was one of the most outstanding figures of the movement for civil rights and abolishment of feudal privileges in the 19th century. He was the intellectual leader of the Hungarian War of Idependendence. The classical style Kárász House in the square is another building of great importance. From its balcony Lajos Kossuth delivered his last speech in Hungary before his exile in 1849. Franz Joseph stayed in the building in 1857 during his visit to Szeged. The other splendid ornament of this square is the Well of Kings.