· Places to visit in Szeged:

Kárász street:

The Kárász street is perhaps one of the most pleasant part of the city, it is developed into a pedestrian stree with lots of charming shops on both sides. It has recently been beautifully renovated and has a number of street spectacles, historic buildings, terrace cafes and restaurants. The house renovations were completed in 2001, which gives the stree a feeling of freshness. The traditional architecture of Szeged was preserved, but a little spice of Mediterranean feeling has been mixed into it. The good atmosphere is provided by the constant flow of entertainment programs during the summer and by urban street musicians. Giant vases are planted along the walking street, surrounded by benches where the tried walker can relax a bit in the pleasant surroundings. By lifting up your gaze you can admire the beautifully decorated facades of the houses.