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· Friendly, quiet environment with a just like home welcome:

Our guest house is located in the center of the city - 5 minutes walk from University of Szeged Library. In our pleasant rooms you can relax in the ‘City of Sunshine’, Szeged. Garden39 is located in a quiet street. You can park your vehicle in our enclosed parking lot and always feel assured that it is kept at a safe location. The Széchenyi square and the Szeged Zoo is only 1 km from the property. The Szeged Railway Station is located 10 minutes walk from us. The Anna Thermal Baths is 1.2 km away from our accommodation. The National Historical Memorial Park in Ópusztaszer is 30 km from us, where you can spend a full day learning about the history and lifestyle of the Hungarian people and travel back in time to see how people lived and worked in this region. Families and small groups who transit through Szeged and travel further towards Serbia, Romania or those who are arriving to Hungary can find us to be a perfect location to rest a bit after a long trip.

· Garden39 services:

· Rooms have a cooking and dinning room
   and a bathroom,

· Enclosed, secure parking lot,

· Cozy covered picnic area in the garden,

· High bandwidth Internet connection, Wifi and Cable TV,

· Located 10 minutes walk from the center of Szeged,

· The big university library is located 5 minutes walk
   from us,

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