· Szeged és környéke nevezetessgei:

Szeged National Theatre:

Szeged National Theatre is one of the most prestigious theatres in Hungary, as the flag of the Southern Great Plain’s theatrical culture. The theatre mainly stages dramatic works, but also includes a renowned opera department, not to mention the Szeged Contemporary Ballet that has played a major role in the modern dance scene for two decades. The building, designed by the well-known design team from Vienna, Fellner and Helmer, has been the glittering ‘jewel’ of the Tisza Riverside. The theatre burnt down a year and a half after its inauguration. The last renovation took place between 1978 and 1986. Today, the auditorium holds 700 seats, and there is one and half kilo of 23 carat gold built into the ornaments and goblins of the foyer, the auditorium boxes and ceilings. The mirrors, yellow brass railings and the masks on the wall of the foyer are interesting and elegant. The orchestra pit can be elevated, and 200 artists can use the changing rooms simultaneously. The diameter of the revolving stage is 13 meters. 224 lamps focus on the stage. The wrought iron lanterns and benches in front of the theatre recall the atmosphere of old times.